Plagiarism & Academic Integrity Right Arrow B

Academic integrity is a core concept guiding all educational and research activities at GRIPS. As representatives of their countries and organizations, GRIPS students are expected to carry out their studies with the utmost integrity. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that his or her work at GRIPS is beyond reproach.


Student TestingRight Arrow B

grips-print-9The Center for Professional Communication designs and administers a number of examinations for the GRIPS student body. Chief among these examinations is the GRIPS Placement Test of Academic Writing, which is administered at the beginning of the academic year to all students.


Student AdvisingRight Arrow B

The Center for Professional Communication offers students individual face-to-face consultations with CPC faculty members. Students are welcome to consult with a faculty member regarding any writing assignment or any topic related to their studies at GRIPS.


Support for International StudentsRight Arrow B

International students at GRIPS will find a wealth of resources at the CPC to assist them with their studies at GRIPS. In addition to the compulsory components of the CPC program, experts from various fields are invited to GRIPS to guide students toward the goal of becoming competent communicators in both academic and professional realms.


Support for Domestic StudentsRight Arrow B

★_DS31990Students in the domestic programs are not only offered assistance with their coursework in Japanese, but are also encouraged to participate in the international program courses. To facilitate this participation, the CPC offers counselling and a range of support for Japanese students in both English and Japanese.


Support for Doctoral StudentsRight Arrow B

During their extended studies at GRIPS, doctoral students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources made available to them in the CPC. These resources will assist doctoral students in producing a dissertation of the highest quality.


Papers and ProposalsRight Arrow B

Students are encouraged to read sample papers and proposals from past GRIPS students so that they might better understand the standards of work expected of them at GRIPS. Care must be taken by any student using these materials to avoid plagiarism of the text or ideas.


Certificate Program in Scholarly WritingRight Arrow B

grips-print-21This exciting certificate program brings renowned scholars from every corner of the world to share their knowledge with the students at GRIPS. The seminars in this program are open to all GRIPS students and are completely free-of-charge. Students who complete a certain number of these seminars will receive a certificate in advanced academic writing.


Resources for Research and WritingRight Arrow B

This sections offers a wealth of resources for self-guided study for students who wish to improve their academic and professional communication skills, including academic writing. Students should explore these resources to ensure that their work is of the highest caliber and to expedite the research and writing process.