Abstract Writing for Japanese Students

Course Number LAN0170E
Course Instructor Ono
Term Winter

008This course aims to provide both guidance and support for Japanese students who are writing abstracts in English for the first time. By taking a genre approach to academic writing, students will first analyze published abstracts to identify conventions for format and content organization, as well as common patterns of language use. Following these analyses, students will individually plan and draft their abstracts. Finally, students will learn to use corpus tools to edit and revise their drafts for language. Additional grammar focus will be offered in response to any language problems encountered over the course of study. This is also a required course for domestic students in the Public Policy Program who wish to take Global Studies.

Course Outline

Week 1 Introduction to abstract writing
Week 2 Analysis of published abstracts
Week 3 Common language patterns in abstracts
Week 4 Planning & writing the first draft
Week 5 Revising the draft for content
Week 6 Introduction to Antconc and other corpus tools
Week 7 Using corpus tools to edit and revise drafts
Week 8 Abstract writing for different audiences


    Grading will be based on the following:

  • Completion of weekly homework assignments
  • Contribution to class activities
  • Submission of a final abstract in English


    Materials will be prepared and distributed by the instructor.