Academic Communication for Japanese Speakers

Course Number LAN0180E
Course Instructor Nakatsugawa
Term Spring

011This course is designed for Japanese students who wish to learn to engage in academic communication in English. Under the overarching theme of sustainability, this course will offer a variety of tasks that simulate language use in real academic contexts. Starting with simple listening and note-taking activities, students will gradually be familiarized with academic discourse and vocabulary. There will also be opportunities for speaking, from simple questions and answers to group discussions and debates. As the course proceeds, students will select a topic of interest and develop it into a poster presentation. The course will conclude with a poster presentation session in which students will present their work and answer questions about their chosen topic. The overall goal of the course is for students to experience, and gain confidence in, communicating knowledge and ideas in English. Although the primary approach is to learn by doing, grammar and other language features will be addressed as necessary. This course will be taught in both English and Japanese.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course introduction; vocabulary development
Week 2 Academic listening and notetaking
Week 3 Academic listening and notetaking
Week 4 Group discussion & oral report
Week 5 Social consequences: climate refugees
Week 6 Social consequences: water
Week 7 Economic aspects
Week 8 The urban scene (1)
Week 9 The urban scene (2)
Week 10 Debate on sustainability
Week 11 Poster design basics
Week 12 Describing posters
Week 13 Answering questions
Week 14 Poster session
Week 15 Class summary


    Grades will consist of several elements including successful completion of weekly homework assignments, active participation in discussions and debates, and the development and delivery of a poster presentation at the end of the course.


    Class materials will be provided by the instructors.