Academic Presentations

Course Number LAN0120E
Course Instructor Lewis
Term Fall

HelenThis course will enable students to turn the salient points of their research into a clear and compelling presentation. We will learn how to do four things: create meaningful content, simplify specialised language, design attractive slides, and find one’s own voice. Students will do three presentations during the course as well as practice speaking each class in different practical tasks. Finally, we will handle the protocols of handling questions professionally.

Course Outline

Week 1 Orientation.
Understanding the informational and attentional needs of the audience.
Week 2 Establishing credibility.
Week 3 Gaining trust.
Week 4 Presentation 1
Stating the problem (4 minutes).
Week 5 Simplifying script.
Week 6 Transitioning between points.
Week 7 Speaking accurately.
Week 8 Presentation 2
Explaining Method and Results (5-6 minutes).
Week 9 Presenting data clearly:
tables, charts, title.
Week 10 Choosing, sourcing,
and editing visuals.
Week 11 Integrating slides
and pre- and post- presentation materials.
Week 12 Finding your voice: breath and eye contact.
Vocal variety, pace, and intonation.
Week 13 Handling questions.
Voice recap.
Week 14 Final presentations
and feedback.
Week 15 Final presentations and feedback
Course review.


    Pass/Fail: Based on attendance and participation.


    Materials will be prepared and distributed by the instructor.

Note:Students are encouraged to bring a recording device, such as a phone or computer camera to record themselves and review their progress.