Academic Vocabulary Development

Course Number LAN0180E
Course Instructor Nakastugawa
Term Winter

Given the need for GRIPS students to create policy papers that exhibit rich, sophisticated vocabulary, we will foster further development of students’ command of academic vocabulary. More specifically, we will employ both implicit vocabulary learning with a modest quantity of assigned readings as well as explicit instruction of academic vocabulary. The latter will also include time spent on etymologies in order to deepen students’ knowledge of academic vocabulary. Students will also learn the basics of using language corpora to enhance their knowledgeA_DS37548 of academic vocabulary collocations and usage. Finally, we will devote time to examining genre-specific corpora tailored to the various programs at GRIPS. Students should complete this course with both increased knowledge of academic vocabulary and confidence in their ability to use it skillfully.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course introduction; software basics
Week 2 Selecting material; word bank workshop
Week 3 Reading plus discussion; usage practice
Week 4 Reading plus discussion; usage practice
Week 5 Corpus analysis workshop
Week 6 Reading plus discussion; usage practice
Week 7 Reading plus discussion; usage practice
Week 8 Student Presentations


    Grades will consist of several elements, the first of which is successful completion of weekly homework assignments. Each student will also make a final presentation about vocabulary usage in his/her own writing as well as the vocabulary learning process experienced during this term.


    Class material will be provided by the instructor.