Describing Tables and Figures

Course Number LAN0010E
Course Instructor Wickens
Term Winter

In this course, students will learn the basics of creating and describing attractive, 010effective visual elements for academic papers. APA style for tables and figures will be discussed in detail, and various computer tips will be demonstrated. Second, the language necessary for describing tables and figures in both oral and written contexts will be examined. Finally, time will be devoted to helping students become informed and discerning consumers and critics of tables and figures.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course introduction; Occam’s Razor
Week 2 Tables: details and construction
Week 3 Workshop on tables
Week 4 Describing and critiquing tables
Week 5 Figures: details and construction
Week 6 Workshop on figures
Week 7 Describing and critiquing figures
Week 8 Student Presentations


    Grades will consist of several elements, the first of which is successful completion of weekly homework assignments. Each student will complete a final project consisting of the creation and presentation of tables and/or figures from the student’s own research.


    Class material will be provided by the instructor.