English for Academic Purposes

Course Number LAN0040E
Course Instructor O’Neill et al.
Term Fall

A_DS37799This course teaches academic English in a graduate-study context. Students will learn how to craft writing passages, use general academic vocabulary, read academic texts, and work to improve structure and grammar. Students will be provided with guidance and support in the drafting of research proposals. This course is required for students who have failed the GRIPS Placement Test and recommended for those who are unaccustomed to the requirements of written academic English.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course introduction: Model text analysis
Week 2 Paragraphs and topic sentences
Week 3 Logical flow in paragraphs
Week 4 Sentence building: Punctuation & relative clauses
Week 5 Cause and effect in paragraphs
Week 6 Hedging in paragraphs
Week 7 Transition phrases in and between paragraphs
Week 8 Special speaker (Nov 30)
Week 9 Plagiarism avoidance
Week 10 Source use and reporting verbs
Week 11 Summarizing sources
Week 12 Paraphrasing sources
Week 13 Paragraphs combining sources
Week 14 Introductions
Week 15 Conclusions and formatting in Microsoft Word


    This is a pass/fail course. Grades will be determined by attendance and participation.


    Materials will be provided by the instructor.