Policy Presentations

Course Number LAN0210E
Course Instructor Lewis
Term Spring

HelenThis course is for students to learn how to enjoy giving formal presentations in English. The emphasis will be on finding their strengths and a personal style which works for them. Students will learn how to use a simple structure to create content that is remembered by the audience in terms of meaning, emotion, and connection. We will refer to case studies in a mixture of video and text. Students will learn not only how to give a presentation, but also how to introduce and thank a speaker gracefully and handle questions smoothly.

Course Outline

Week 1 Introduction, Overview of Made to Stick
Week 2 Why are stories compelling?
Week 3 What are the elements of a story? TED Talk: Duarte.
Week 4 Presentation 1 – Icebreaker (4 minutes)
Week 5 How to be authentic. School of Life video and response.
Week 6 How to be credible. TED Talk and response: Aravena
Week 7 TED Talk and response: Greenwald
Week 8 Presentation 2 – Convey your point (5-6 minutes)
Week 9 How to choose good examples. TED Talk: Harris
Week 10 How to introduce and thank another speaker. TED Talk: de Botton
Week 11 Presentation 3 – Persuade the audience (6-7 minutes)
Week 12 How to pare down a presentation. TED Talk: Hill
Week 13 How to use data with passion. TED talk Rosling
Week 14 How to suprise your audience. TED Talk: Patel
Week 15 Course review, summary of the SUCCES critiera. Final presentations of 8 minutes.


    Pass/Fail: Based on attendance and participation


    Excerpts from Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath
    Students will be asked to use a free online app ‘Socrative Student’ to give feedback and answer quizzes during the course.