Policy Proposal Writing

Course Number LAN0220E
Course Instructor Petchko
Term Fall Session 2

sampleThis course is required for all master’s students in the YLP, MP1, MP2, MEP1, MEP2, PF, G-Cube, and EPP programs. Students will learn about the standards of academic writing and scholarship at GRIPS and receive guidance on preparing a research proposal. Depending on their score on the Placement Test, students may be required to attend two, four, or all eight classes. Students with no previous experience preparing a research proposal are strongly encouraged to attend all classes.

Course Outline

Week 1 Academic Fundamentals
Week 2 Research in Public Policy and Economics
Week 3 Working with Academic Literature
Week 4 Research Topics and Questions
Week 5 Research Proposal I
Week 6 Research Proposal II
Week 7 Plagiarism
Week 8 Preparing the Final Draft


    Pass/Fail. Grading will be based on the quality of the submitted proposal.


    Petchko, K. (2018). How to Write about Economics and Public Policy. Academic Press: London.