Professional Writing for Policymakers

Course Number LAN0140E
Course Instructor O’Neill
Term Fall

grips-print-24This course will help students to develop their writing skills for policy memos and reports designed for professional—rather than academic—audiences. During the course, various guidelines and writing guides from international organizations and governments will be compared and analyzed. This information along with the students’ own experiences as writers will be combined to develop a framework for professional policy memo writing. Students will work together to write a policy memo piece by piece in class during the course. The skills learned in this course will enable students to craft expert policy memos in English or in another language. This course is recommended for all students.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course Introduction: Policy Study vs Policy Analysis vs Academic Paper
Week 2 Planning a policy memo
Week 3 Defining the problem
Week 4 Force field analysis
Week 5 Stakeholder analysis
Week 6 Structuring a policy paper
Week 7 Writing introductions – framing the issue
Week 8 Writing backgrounds
Week 9 Supporting arguments
Week 10 Graphics and data
Week 11 Recommendations
Week 12 Executive Summaries
Week 13 Appendices and citations
Week 14 Editing for clarity
Week 15 Course Summation


    Pass/Fail: Based on attendance and contribution to in-class writing project.


    Class materials will be provided by the instructor.