Qualitative Writing

Course Number LAN0160E
Course Instructor Wickens
Term Winter

010Qualitative research differs significantly from quantitative research. This course explores qualitative research methods and writing including document analysis, interviews, participant observation and other methods. Students will learn how to conduct qualitative research and write the in-depth detailed description common in qualitative analysis. In class, we will have lectures and individual consultations to help students pursue their research. This course is strongly recommended for students conducting qualitative research. The contents of the course will be adjusted to meet students’ research goals.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course introduction
Week 2 What are qualitative research methods? Overview
Week 3 Doing qualitative research: Interviews
Week 4 Doing qualitative research: Contextual analysis
Week 5 Doing qualitative research: Histories and case studies
Week 6 Writing research questions and writing tips
Week 7 Writing: Telling the story
Week 8 Sharing and discussing final writing assignment and class review


    Grading will be decided according to attendance and the quality of the final writing exercise (attendance 50%, writing assignment 50%).


    Materials will be provided by the instructor. Some books may be put on reserve in the library.