Thesis and Policy Paper Writing

Course Number LAN0030E
Instructor Petchko et al.
Year Repeated Yearly
Term Spring


This is a 2-credit course designed to support master’s students in the culminating writing task that they must undertake at the end of their study at GRIPS. It guides students through the key competencies needed to complete the final paper according to the discourse conventions in their field. These key competencies are drawn from the work of professional academics in the students’ respective fields. Adjustments may be made to the syllabus to meet the specific needs of the students. This course is required for all one-year master’s students and two-year master’s students in their first year.
In addition to this course, students will have the opportunity to attend writing tutorials to receive feedback on their writing.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course Introduction
Week 2 Research in Public Policy and Economics
Week 3 Writing the Literature Review I
Week 4 Writing the Literature Review II
Week 5 The Body of the Paper I
Week 6 The Body of the Paper II
Week 7 The Body of the Paper III
Week 8 The Introduction I
Week 9 The Introduction II
Week 10 Abstract
Week 11 Writing Skills I
Week 12 Writing Skills II
Week 13 Writing Skills III
Week 14 Writing Skills IV
Week 15 Q&A and Course Wrap-up


    This is a pass/fail course. Grading will be based on attendance and participation.


    Materials will be provided by the instructor.