Thesis and Policy Paper Writing

As you all know, in order to complete the requirements of your degree, you must produce an acceptable final paper. To facilitate the process of writing this paper, the CPC will teach a special course in the Spring term, Thesis and Policy Paper Writing (TPPW). This course is required for master’s students in the following programs:

• MP1 & MP2
• MEP1 & MEP2

Students in all other international master’s programs (e.g., PA, G-Cube) as well as two-year students in their second year are welcome to take this course but are not required to do so.

TPPW is a 2-credit, 15-week course, which will begin on April 10. The course will be taught in groups, with 15-25 students per group. All sessions will be held on Monday, in the 6th period (18:20 – 19:50).


Program Instructor Room
PF Petchko J
MEP Kahy A
MP1 Wickens C
MP2 O’Neill D
YLP (SoG) O’Neill D
YLP (SoLG) Nakatsugawa E


In addition to the course, the CPC will offer small-group tutorials to provide help with your writing. Tutorials are informal writing sessions, not lectures or classes. A CPC instructor will be present to provide help with your paper and answer questions. Tutorials will be conducted by different instructors, at different times during the week to accommodate your schedules and give you an opportunity to seek advice from instructors with different expertise. You may join any session that you like with any instructor; you are not limited to your TPPW instructor.

You can come to as many tutorials as you wish; we recommend attending at least three tutorials before the end of the term. Please bring your computer to all tutorials.

During a tutorial, you will be able to

• Have a dedicated time for writing your paper
• Learn how to search databases for relevant literature
• Get help writing sections of your paper
• Obtain detailed feedback on your writing
• Discuss your draft with your peers
• Ask questions about writing and research design

Each tutorial is limited to six students and requires registration through SuperSaas. You can register by using this link:

Your final paper including references and appendices is due on July 29. You will submit it through Turnitin (instructions to follow).

Grading: Pass/Fail