Thesis Writing for MSP

Course Number LAN0150E
Course Instructor Gavin O’Neill
Term Winter

A_DS37799This course is designed to support Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program (MSP) students in the culminating writing task that they must undertake at the end of their study at GRIPS and the Japan Coast Guard Academy (JCGA). The course guides students through the key competencies needed to complete the final paper according to the discourse conventions in their field. First among the competencies taught will be the skills and knowledge needed to reference existing research without plagiarizing the ideas or words of other researchers. These skills include summarizing, paraphrasing, and citing sources. All student work will be examined closely for its similarity to existing research in the students’ fields, and students will be expected to explain and indicate clearly the sources of their information and ideas. This course is highly recommended for all MSP students.

Course Outline

Week 1 Course introduction: From proposal to introduction
Week 2 The literature review: Organizing and planning your review
Week 3 Consultations
Week 4 The literature review: Reporting research and avoiding plagiarism
Week 5 Consultations
Week 6 Conclusion: Generating recommendations from your research
Week 7 Consultations
Week 8 Consultations


    This is a pass/fail course. Grading will be decided based on attendance and participation.


    Academic Writing for Graduate Study in Public Policy.