Sources of Data for Research

The CPC has collected links to a vast array of data sites to help students find the data they need for their assignments and final theses.Arrow A_Person in Library

Resources for Reading

grips-print-27 The CPC has collected a number of resources to help GRIPS students become efficient and effective researchers. Accessing these resources will save countless hours in the library.Arrow

Resources for Writing

The following resources will help GRIPS students to successfully complete the writing assignments that they receive in their courses and their final theses at GRIPS.Arrow grips-print-18

Resources for Editing

These resources will help GRIPS students to put the finishing touches on their writing and prepare it for submission.Arrow

Writing Guides

Access writing guides from some of the top universities in the world. These guides cover many kinds of discipline specific writing techniques and are invaluable for graduate writers.Arrow grips-print-43

Resources for Statistical Analysis and Research Design

B_DSC0583 COMING SOON These resources will help students to design sound research projects and to apply statistical tests to their data. The resources range from introductory guides to advanced techniques.Arrow

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