Dissertation Writing

Course Number LAN0130E
Course Instructor Kahy
Term Fall I

grips-print-13This 1-credit course introduces doctoral students to the techniques and competencies required for a vital pillar of graduate-level writing: writing from sources. These techniques and competencies include aggregating, organizing, summarizing, and synthesizing research arguments in various academic fields. Students will acquire these competencies by analyzing and emulating the work of professional writers. By the end of the course, students will learn how to weave together “a research story” that explains the need for, and introduces, their own contribution to the field. In the course of eight weeks, students will attend lectures and have individual consultations with their instructor to receive feedback on their writing. This course will be taught in sections; adjustments may be made to the syllabus to meet the specific needs of the students. This course is highly recommended for doctoral students and for 2-year master’s students.

Course Outline

Week 1 Finding, Selecting, and Managing Literature to Review
Week 2 Planning a Literature Review
Week 3 Exploring Relationships
Week 4 Developing a Research Context
Week 5 Developing a Theoretical Framework
Week 6 Summarizing Research
Week 7 Synthesizing the Literature
Week 8 Concluding the Literature Review


In addition to attendance and classwork, students will complete and submit a literature review.


Course materials will be provided by the instructors.