Every semester, we offer a wide range of Japanese language courses for students of all levels. Courses offered in the Fall and Spring terms carry two credits; those offered in the Winter term carry one credit. Credits earned in these courses do not count towards students’ degrees. Summer courses are non-credit.

Current Offerings

Basic Japanese  and Survival Japanese  introduce basic Japanese knowledge and skills  to beginners who have very little or no Japanese learning experience. These courses are taught at several different levels throughout the year to accommodate students of varying ability.
Basic Japanese

Intermediate Japanese offers useful, practical Japanese for daily life. It is most appropriate for students with some knowledge of Japanese. The course will review basic Japanese and help students improve their listening and speaking skills.
Intermediate Japanese

Advanced Japanese is designed to give students an opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions on a wide range of topics.
Advanced Japanese

Superior Japanese offers more practice with advanced Japanese using Japanese TV programs, newspapers, and other materials. Classes are customized to students’ needs.
Superior Japanese

Course Registration

To take a Japanese course, please register following the GRIPS registration procedures. If you are not sure how to register, please contact the Academic Support Team for assistance.

Which Course Should I Take?

Students without any knowledge of Japanese should enroll in Basic Japanese in the Fall term or Survival  Japanese in the Winter term. Students who have had some exposure to Japanese must take an oral placement test prior to registration. For details about the test, please contact cjll@grips.ac.jp.