Words have the power to move people’s minds, transform people’s lives, and change the world. Using words effectively is not the product of inspiration; it is the result of knowing how to present information in order to achieve an intended purpose for a particular audience. The mission of the Center for Professional Communication (CPC) is to support GRIPS’ students, faculty, and staff in developing effective professional communication skills and competencies needed to communicate and interact productively in an environment of multiple stakeholders. To this end, we offer a range of instruction, services, and support in fundamental areas of professional communication in English and Japanese.

Our Faculty


The Center’s main strength is its outstanding faculty. Our faculty are experts in professional communication, disciplinary writing, and language learning and teaching, with advanced academic training and years of professional experience; many hold doctorates and have a strong record of academic and research accomplishments. Our faculty’s expertise encompasses a wide range of areas in economics, political science, public policy, education, psychology, and applied linguistics.

Center of Excellence


Drawing on extensive scholarship in educational theory and practice, the Center promotes evidence-based curriculum development and instruction, establishes best practices in teaching and learning, and strives to become a recognized center of excellence in Japan and the world.

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