Certificate Program in Scholarly Writing

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The Certificate Program in Scholarly Writing has been developed for students interested in improving their discipline-specific writing and research skills and/or writing for publication. Every year, the CPC offers a series of graduate seminars on various topics in scholarly writing and research. Each seminar typically consists of two different sessions taught over one or two days. Students who complete these seminars receive a GRIPS certificate in advanced academic writing. The seminars combine lectures, exercises, and practical suggestions for designing research projects, improving writing skills, completing dissertations, theses, and papers, and getting published.

The CPC invites renowned international scholars from around the world to share their expertise with students on topics relevant to students’ research activities and writing goals. These seminars present a unique opportunity to learn about academic writing and research from some of the world’s top experts. At least some of the seminars will be devoted to writing for publication and publishing in academic journals. These seminars will be particularly useful to doctoral candidates.




Title A Framework for Writing in the Social Sciences
Speaker Dr. Judy Noguchi, Mukogawa University and Osaka University
Title Using the Case-Study Approach
Speaker Dr. Thomas Jones, Meiji University
Title Matching Research Problems with Appropriate Research Strategies
Speaker Dr. Mark Sawyer, School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University
Title Writing for Publication
Speaker Dr. David Beglar, Temple University
Title Designing and Writing Comparative Studies
Speaker Dr. Patricio Abinales, University of Hawaii
Title Evaluating Policies and Programs
Speaker Dr. John Maxwell Owen, University of Melbourne
Title Getting Published in Academic Journals
Speaker Dr. Brian Paltridge, University of Sydney

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