Resources for Improving General English Ability

ArrowCambridge Universityʼs Write & Improve

Tasks for improving writing skills.

ArrowBBC Learning English

Activities based around the grammar and vocabulary of news clips from the BBC.

ArrowRandallʼs ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Audio conversations divided into easy, medium, and difficult. Each audio includes activities and a comprehension quiz.

ArrowEducation First’s English Grammar Guide

Simple guide for English beginners to learn the fundamentals of English grammar.

ArrowUniversity of Manchesterʼs Academic Phrasebank

Examples of common phrases used in writing, including phrases used to compare and contrast, classify, describe quantities, and give examples.


Lessons and guides on common English usage designed to build fluency in speaking and listening.

ArrowPerfect English Grammar

Explanations and activities for grammar rules that students find challenging.

ArrowGuide to Grammar and Writing

A grammar reference guide with suggestions for improving writing skills.

ArrowEnglish Grammar

Grammar quizzes on articles, tenses, and passive voice, plus additional exercises.

ArrowListen a Minute

One-minute recordings on a variety of topics with supplementary transcripts, exercises, and quizzes.

ArrowLEO Network

Step-by-step instructions on how to improve English speaking skills.

ArrowEnglish Magazineʼs Tips for Learning English

Tips on how to learn or improve English skills.


Professional Skills Enhancement / Online Courses

ArrowFuture Learn

U.K.-based service with free online skills and university-level courses.


Online university-level courses from universities and institutions based in Europe.

ArrowKhan Academy

On-demand courses focusing on math, science, economics, and computing.

ArrowMIT Open Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technologyʼs library of course materials.

ArrowOpen Yale Courses

Free access to introductory-level courses taught at Yale University.


Online courses from Australian universities.

ArrowOpen Culture

Collection of thousands of educational and downloadable media links.

ArrowClass Central

Aggregator of online classes by Coursera, EdX, and other online course providers.

ArrowCanvas Network

Courses from universities, institutions, private businesses, and certifying agencies.

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