ArrowCertificate Program in Scholarly Writing

This exciting certificate program brings renowned scholars from every corner of the world to share their knowledge with the students at GRIPS. The seminars in this program are open to all GRIPS students and are completely free-of-charge. Students who complete a certain number of these seminars will receive a certificate in advanced academic writing.Arrow

ArrowCommunication Lounge

grips-print-40The CPC has created an area for students to come together for cultural and academic exchange with other students and faculty from around the world. All students are encouraged to take advantage of the resources offered by the CPC’s Communication Lounge.Arrow

ArrowSummer Program

SP2016LogoBigThe mission of the GRIPS Summer Program, first held in 2012, is to provide challenging and interesting activities that will enhance participants’ practical policy-making skills. Conceived as a way to approach complex policy issues from a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective, the GRIPS Summer Program offers activities that require participants to use pragmatic skills and a multiplicity of discipline-based knowledge in order to address various real-life policy issues. For more information, visit the the Summer Program webpage Arrow


ArrowResources for Self-Guided Learning

grips-print-18The CPC has curated various resources for improving general English ability and professional skills enhancement. These resources will help students to improve their ability to communicate in international settings such as GRIPS and in their future careers. Arrow