Program at a Glance

Currently, the Summer Program is organized around five major activity areas:

(1) Seminars, Symposiums, and Student Conference
(2) Skill Enhancing and Policy Workshops
(3) Research Tours & Field trips
(4) World Embassy Tour
(5) Sports, Entertainment, and Culture

The activities chosen in each area reflect the interests and talents of our students and have attracted widespread interest from domestic and international government agencies, NGOs, and private individuals and organizations. The Summer Progam will run from the end of July through the beginning of September.

We invite everyone to join our Summer Program. Learn more about the Summer Program activities and the Student Conference, or check the Events Calendar.

For inquiries, please write to

Previous Workshops Offered by CPC Faculty

Title Hanging with SurveyMonkey: Online Survey Design for Policy Evaluation
Instructor Ono
Title Five Tips for Effective Email Writing in English
Instructor O’Neill
Title English for Social Interaction and Networking
Instructor O’Neill
Title Twitter for Better Government
Instructor Ono
Title Grant Proposal Writing
Instructor Petchko


Title Everyday Finance
Instructor Kahy


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