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Regional Crisis Management & Leadership

Global Health Innovation Policy Program


2019~2022 Regional Crisis Management & Leadership Course



We are facing continuous threats from regional geopolitical changes, military conflict, potential exposure risks of infectious disease, including pandemic influenza, as well as unintentional release or deliberate use of chemical, biological, radio-logical, and nuclear (CBRN) agents. However, we are not yet fully prepared to responding to such threats. It is critical to nurture potential global leaders, who understand the nature of threats and can build resilience and preparedness. Allying with top US experts, we provide regional crisis exercises to give participants an appreciation for the complex issues of regional crisis in understanding how each nation would behave based on their national priorities, identifying obstacles and challenges through making of domestic emergency measures, and practicing leadership to come up with best agreed solutions. With such crisis simulation workshops, we are confident to nurture individual mindset to responding to such threats. This project is led by Dr. Hiromi Murakami of GHIPP. 

1st Workshop was held on January 31, 2019 (See HERE for the details) Report HERE.

2nd Workshop was held on October 25, 2019 (See HERE for the details) Report HERE.

3rd Workshop is planned on March 18&19, 2021 (See HERE for the details) Report HERE.

Special Dialogue: October 22, 2021 “COVID-19 and Beyond: US-China Geostrategic Competition, Health, and Environment” See Here for more details.


We are committed to nurture future leaders in this area, to create a major global community hub to discuss regional security agendas, and to develop comprehensive and long-term perspectives to deal with such threats. Namely,

  • To nurture future leaders who will play important risk-managing roles in respective nations
  • To create a global community hub for regional risk managing experts to ally internationally
  • To propose policy recommendations and analyze existing policies
  • To push new movement and research activities with broadly aligned public/private partners
  • To nurture comprehensive and long-term perspectives regarding regional crisis management

<We need Your Support>

In order to help us achieve above stated goals, we are looking for corporate and organizational sponsors. Sponsors are invited to participate this top-rated crisis simulation workshops and offered specially customized seminars of bio terrorism and/or exclusive meetings with experts (optional arrangement). Financial contribution varies from 1 million ~ 5 million yen, and sponsoring corporation/organizations will be recognized in GHIPP website and more. Financial contribution to GHIPP is entirely tax deductible (GRIPS is 2. designated donation category of national institute). For more details, please contact Dr. Hiromi Murakami at