Asia-Euro Policy Dialogue

Asia-Euro Policy Dialogue (AEPD) is the global policy research project, which aims to encourage exchanges among ASEAN countries, Europe and Japan on Southeast Asia’s current reality and beyond. This project attempts to increase awareness on the political and economic significance of Southeast Asia in the international community and also to further operationalize the policy lessons for the sake of ASEAN countries by means of sharing such experiences and knowledges that Europe and Japan has gained in the past. AEPD aims to provide the new directions for the policy research and the policy proposal on the future of Southeast Asia.

Policy Forum

The Asia-Euro Policy Forum, an annual policy venue of AEPD, is a valuable opportunity for prominent researchers and policy-makers from different countries to exchange views and opinions on key policy areas.


The Fellowship program under AEPD is to encourage intellectual exchanges among ASEAN, Europe and Japan. We hope that our mutual understandings will be further deepened through that process, and that would cause the future policy research more meaningful.

What's New