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'Video Retrieval System for Diet Deliberations' is now available to the public

In order to seek innovative ways to provide universal access to policy information, we have launched an internet video retrieval system for the Japanese Diet. By using the latest sound recognition techniques to create timestamp data to match up parliamentary video feeds and the minutes of proceedings, our system makes it possible for us to retrieve the video clips corresponding to the minutes of proceedings hit by keywords. For instance, our system allows us to pinpoint and play the video clip when we see the news like 'An MP X made a remark Y in parliamentary debate.'

Although many parliaments offer online video streaming of speech and debate, these video library systems merely provide us with the search engine to retrieve videos by the date and theme of parliamentary meetings. Some advanced systems allow us to search video library by the keyword in the topic of meetings and the name of speakers. However, we need to watch the video from the beginning until we reach the speech or debate we are particularly interested in, even if we successfully retrieve the parliamentary video we want. On the other hand, many parliaments have developed the online database of the minutes of parliamentary proceedings. Although such database contains enormous text information and is searchable by keywords, there is no way we can watch the video clip corresponding to the text-based record in question.

With our video retrieval system, we can directly retrieve the moment of video feeds we are particularly interested in, visually understand the flow of parliamentary debate, and check the facial expression and body language of the speaker, which is impossible by simply reading the minutes of parliamentary proceedings. Since it is easy to share the URL identifying the moment of video feeds via SNS, our system has a great potential to boost the usage of Diet deliberation videos by researchers as well as ordinary citizens.

Our system is the world's first attempt to retrieve parliamentary video streaming with the keyword search in the minutes of parliamentary proceedings, and expected to encourage discussion based on better understanding of policy making in the Diet. We believe that our endeavor sheds new light on the future development of parliamentary video streaming systems in other countries as well.

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