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  • Papers on Local Governance System and its Implementation in Selected Fields in Japan

Project on dissemination of information on local governance system and its operation of Japan

 These papers were compiled by GRIPS in cooperation with CLAIR as an integral part of the "Project on Overseas Dissemination of Information on Local Governance System of Japan and its Operation". We first selected key themes from the local governance system of Japan and its operation, and then conducted research in order to transmit the information toward the local autonomy affiliates in Japan and abroad, and compiled "Papers on Local Governance Systems and its implementation in Selected Fields in Japan" as shown below.

1. People and Local Government (July 2007)
-Resident Participation in the Management of Local Governments
Japanese English
2. Training of Japanese Local Government Officials as a Policy of Human Resource Development (July 2007) Japanese English
3. The Equalization of Fiscal Capacity and the Securing of Financial Resources for Local Public Bodies (July 2007) Japanese English
4. Raising the Level of Efficiency of Public Services (July 2007)
-Use of the Private Sector in such ways as the Designated Manager System for Public Facilities and Private Sector Consignment-
Japanese English
5. Local Assemblies in Japan (March 2008) Japanese English
6. Japanese Local Governments and ICT (JP:March 2008/EN:October 2008) Japanese English
7. Environmental Administration in Japan and the Role of Local Governments (JP:March 2008/EN:October 2008) Japanese English
8. Industry as the Driving Force of Regional Promotion (July 2008) Japanese English
9. Educational Administration in Japan and the Role of Local Governments (July 2008) Japanese English
10. Local Taxation in Japan (JP:October 2008/EN:March 2009) Japanese  English
11. The Organization of Local Government Administration in Japan (July 2009) Japanese English
12. New Possibilities for Local Promotion through Tourism (March 2009) Japanese English
13. The Development of a Health Insurance System for the Elderly and Associated Problem Areas (March 2009) Japanese English
14. Evaluation in Local Governments in Japan(July 2009) Japanese English
15. Local Government Planning in Japan (February 2010) Japanese English
16. Japanese Publicly Managed Gaming(Sports Gambling) and Local Government (February 2010) Japanese English
17. The Position of Local Governments in the National Health Insurance System and Associated Problem Areas (JP:October 2010 / EN:November 2010) Japanese English

Administrative Reform in Japanese Local Governments

(JP:October 2010 / EN:December 2010)

Japanese English
19. Local Bonds in Japan (March 2011) Japanese English
20. The Large City System of Japan (March 2011) Japanese English
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