Vicente Rafael教授特別講演会開催のお知らせ(6/29)

Vicente Rafael教授特別講演会開催のお知らせ



日時: 2016年6月29日(水) 16:00 – 18:00

場所: 政策研究大学院大学 研究会室4A

講演者:  Vicente L. Rafael教授(米国ワシントン大学)

タイトル: 「Amidst Three Empires: The Philippines Under Spain, the United States and Japan, 1565-1945」

使用言語: 英語


Abstract: What is the Philippines?  How did the 7,000 island archipelago become a nation-state?  How did its position on the edge of the western most edge of the Pacific and at the eastern most reaches of Asia shape its historical emergence?  More important, how did centuries of colonization constitute the socio-political forces and cultural currents that have informed the lives of its diverse peoples?  In this talk, historian Vicente L. Rafael will seek to describe the three imperial waves -  the Spanish, the North American and the Japanese – that, tsunami-like, crashed into the archipelago, leaving their marks and transforming the social and psychic landscape of the country.

Bio: Prof. Vicente L. Rafael is Professor of History and Southeast Asian Studies at the Univ. of Washington in Seattle.  He is the author of several works on the Philippines, including Contracting Colonialism, White Love and Other Events in Filipino Histories, The Promise of the Foreign, and most recently, Motherless Tongues: The Insurgency of Language Amid Wars of Translation.