ESP (B02) Economic History Seminar (5-1)

ESP (B02) Economic History Seminar (5-1)


There will be a workshop on

Learning from Historical Tokyo: Implications for Developing Cities


on 14:00-17:00 5 June 2017

at GRIPS Seminar Room 4B



Jordan Sand (Professor of Japanese History, Georgetown University)

“Housing of the Poor in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Tokyo: Traits and Implications”


Benjamin Bansal (PhD Candidate, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

“Urban Space Egalitarianism in Tokyo, 1945-1970: Variability of Socio-Economic Indicators”


Kaoru Sugihara (Professor of Economic History, Research Institute for Humanities and Nature)

“Urban Living Space as a Factor Environment: A Note on the Nature of Asian Long-term Development Path”


Japan’s experience in the twentieth century has informed development economists on how poor countries may catch up with the West.

Tokyo’s concurrent urban growth? unprecedented in scale and form? may hold lessons for the urban development field.

Yet Tokyo grew in ways very different from the patterns seen in European and American cities. Tokyo’s historical experience may share more with cities in the developing world today. This workshop therefore intends to re-read important aspects of Tokyo’s socio-economic history with the aim of considering its relevance to rapidly growing megacities in Asia and elsewhere today. Issues will include housing (especially the housing of the poor), industrialization, and, more broadly, urban equity. Throughout the presentations, Tokyo’s peculiar urban form and social geography will be highlighted as crucial variables in accounting for both the city’s contemporary problems and its successful development outcomes.


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