ESP The 27th Young Scholars' Workshop (12/20)

This workshop was cancelled.


ESP The 27th Young Scholars’ Workshop


Date:      Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Time:     12:30 – 14:00

Venue:    GRIPS 4th floor, 4B

Language:  English

Presenter:  Kayane Yuka, Affiliated Researcher (Kyoto University)

Title:  The Mechanism of Religious Intolerance in Contemporary Indonesia: A Case of Violence against Shi’a Minority in Sampang Regency, Madura

Abstract: Indonesia, which has undergone a drastic regime change since 1998, along with the subsequent institutional reform of its political and economic systems, now boasts a stable democracy and solid economic development. This largest Muslim-majority country in the world, however, has recently witnessed the increasing attacks and violence of intolerant groups that constrain and erode the civil rights of the religious minorities. In those cases, they often accuse the minorities of “blasphemy” and pressure court judges to send them to jail. Many observers attribute violence to a weak judicial system and government inability to address the cases in the nascent democracy. Those accounts, however, do not explain why and how exactly the particular groups can legitimize the violence against the minorities in the eyes of the public, while others do not.

This research examines the strategy of intolerant Sunni group that expelled more than 300 Shi’a residents from Sampang regency in Madura from 2011 to 2013 and had the Shi’a leader to be sentenced to 4 years in jail. Through the analysis of the case, it argues that the vicious cycle generated from the mutual relationship between the intolerant groups with voting power and state elites contributed to the ceaseless attacking against the minorities.

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