Chikako Yamauchi


Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Los Angeles,
October 2005
M.A., Economics, University of Tsukuba, Japan, March 2000
B.A., International Relations, University of Tsukuba, Japan,
March 1998


Assistant Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies,
October 2010-present

Post-doctoral Fellow, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies,
January-September 2010

Adjunct Research Fellow, Australian Demographic & Social Research Institute,
The Australian NationalUniversity, December 2009–present

Research Fellow, Economics Program, Research School of Social Sciences,
The Australian National University, December 2005-December 2009

Research Assistant, Dept. of Public Policy, UCLA,
July 2003-September 2004 for Prof. Jeffrey Grogger

Summer Intern, The World Bank, July 2002-September 2002

Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Economics, UCLA, September 2001-March 2002

Research Assistant, Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office of Japan,
June 1999-July 2000

Summer Intern, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),
Washington, D.C. Office, May-July 1996



Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, and Labor Economics



Missing Public Funds and Targeting Performance: Evidence from an Anti-Poverty Transfer Program in Indonesia, Journal of Development Economics, 103, 62-76, with Daniel Suryadarma.

Survey of Recent Developments (2012) Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 48(2), 143-171, with Susan Olivia.

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1468-1590, with Andrew Leigh.

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Community-Based Targeting and Initial Local Conditions: Evidence from Indonesia’s IDT Program (2010) Economic Development and Cultural Change, 59(1) 95-148, October
o The working paper version is available as Australian National University Centre for
Economics Policy Research Discussion Paper (ANU CEPR DP) 584, 2008.

Rural-Urban Migration in Indonesia: Study Design and Implementation (2010) in Chris Manning and Xin Meng ed., The Great Migration: Rural-urban migration in China and Indonesia, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, with Budy P. Resosudarmo and Tadjuddin Effendi.

Parental Investment in Children: Differential Pathways for Parental Education and Mental Health (2010) Economic Record 86(273) 210-226.
o The working paper version is available as ANU CEPR DP 621, 2009.

The Availability of Child Care Centers, Parental Perceived Accessibility and Life Satisfaction (2010) Review of Economics of the Household, 8(2) 231-253.
o The working paper version is available as ANU CEPR DP 620, 2009.

Can Investment in Household Enterprises Advance Children’s Schooling Attendance?: Consequences of Poverty Alleviation Program in Indonesia (2006) in The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs ed., Linking Theory and Practice to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child

Industry-Specific Productivity and Economic Growth: 1970-98 (2003) with Kyoji Fukao et al., Keizai Bunseki, 170, Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office of Japan [in Japanese].



Heterogeneity in the Effect of Grants for Loans on Rural Poverty: Evidence from
Indonesia’s Community-Based Development Program, February 2011 [under revision]
o The working paper version is available as ANU CEPR DP 582, March 2009

Who Becomes Disability Support Pension Recipients?: Longitudinal Evidence from Australia, March 2011 [under revision]

Community Resources and Parental Engagement in Out-of-Home Activities for Children, March 2011 [under revision]

The Effect of Child Care Center Availability on Child Care Arrangement and Maternal Labor Supply, July 2009 [under revision]

Child Care Subsidy and Maternal Labour Supply: Evidence from Australia’s Introduction of Child Care Tax Rebate, July 2009 [with Anu Rammohan and Stephen Whelan, under revision]



Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi), 2012-2014 (JPY3,000,000)]

Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Policy Research Center Grant, 2011-2013
(JPY 1,850,000)

Nomura Foundation Research Grant, 2011 (JPY200,000)

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia International Science Linkages Program, 2010 (A$7,500)

ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences Dean’s E-Research and Digital Scholarship Initiative, 2009(A$22,000)

ANU College of Business and Economics Outreach Funding, 2009 (A$6,000)

U.S. Department of Labor Grant for Research on Advancing the Campaign against Child Labor, 2005-2006 (US$20,000)

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Fellowship, 2004 (US$5,000)