Alistair Munro

Specialist areas:
Economics (Behavioural Public, Environmental and Experimental).


1982 B.A. Mathematics and Economics, University of Warwick, UK

1984 M.Phil, Economics, University of Oxford, UK.

1990 D. Phil, University of Oxford, UK.

Employment History:

2008- present Professor, GRIPS, Tokyo.

2005-2008 Professor, Royal Holloway, University of London

2000-2005 Reader, University of East Anglia

1998-2000 Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia

1991-1998 Lecturer, University of East Anglia

1985-1991 Lecturer, University of Stirling, Scotland.

1984-1985 College Lecturer, St. John’s College, University of Oxford


Published Research.

2013 Alistair Munro, Bereket Kebede, Marcela Tarazona and Arjan Verschoor, Autonomy and efficiency. An experiment on household decisions in two regions of India, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, forthcoming.
2013 Yuki Tanaka and Alistair Munro, “Regional variation in risk and time preferences: evidence from a large-scale field experiment in rural Uganda”, Journal of African Economies, forthcoming
2013 Bereket Kebede, Alistair Munro, Marcela Tarazona and Arjan Verschoor, Intra-household efficiency: an experimental study from Ethiopia, Journal of African Economies, forthcoming
2013 Alistair Munro, The economics of nuclear decontamination: assessing policy options for the management of land around Fukushima dai-ichi. Environmental Science and Policy 33, November, 63-75, ISSN 1462-9011,
2013 Jing Lan, Alistair Munro, Environmental compliance and human capital: Evidence from Chinese industrial firms, Resource and Energy Economics, Available online 18 May 2013, ISSN 0928-7655,
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