Housam Darwisheh


Housam Darwisheh                                   

Position : Researcher, Area Studies Center, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization 
Specialty: Middle East Politics Studies

Role in this Research group

Research and Studies of Middle Eastern National Formation and Construction.


Education and Research Experience:


Graduated from Damascus University, Department of English Literature, October 2002

MA. in Peace and Conflict Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, March 2006

Ph.D. in Area and Cultural Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, March 2010

Professional Career:

Research Fellow, Peace and Conflict Studies, Graduate School of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, April 2010-March 2011

Research Fellow, Middle Eastern Studies Group, Area Studies Center, Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO), April 2011


Main Research Achievement:

1.    「Dynamics of Syrian crisis and Future of the Conflict」Chutou Seiji Keizai Report 2013, Jan-Jul

2.    「Egyptian Democratization and Social Movement「25 January Revolution」 and Collapse of Mubarak’s government」(Co-Authored by Takayuki Yokota)Edited by Keiko Sakai『Middle Eastern Politics』Yuhikaku, 2012

3.     Feature Articles :「Arab Spring」and Structural Change in Middle East Politics  「Arab Spring and robust Syrian Assad regime、Ajiken World Trends, 2012/January

4.      「Mechanics of New anti-establishment movement in Arab Area— As an example of Egypt and Tunisia」 Edited by Keiko Sakai, 『Analyzing the Arab Upheavals — the Future of Popular Revolutions』 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Press, 2011

5.    ”Ejiputo ni okeru minshuu undou to seiji shakai no saikouchiku (People’s Movements and the Reconstruction of the Political Society in Egypt),” Gendai Shisou (Contemporary Thought), Volume.39, No.4, pp.108-117, 2011/March.

6.    “Political Activism under Mubarak’s Electoral Engineering in the 1980s,” Annals of Japan Association for Middle East Studies, Sept. 24-1, 2008.