Hiroshi Sato


Hiroshi Sato

Position: Director-General, Research Planning Department, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization 
Specialty: Development Sociology, Middle East Area Studies

Role in this research group:

Research and Studies of Middle Eastern National Formation and Construction.


Education and Research Experience:

Enter IDE, Apr.1981

Visiting Researchers at Sana’a University (Yemen Arab Republic), 1985-1987

Special Assistant for Economic Cooperation at Japanese Embassy at Yemen Arab Republic, 1987-1988

Visiting Researcher at Sana’a University (Republic of Yemen), 1997-1999

Director in Charge, Development Studies Center, 2006.4-2007.3

Director-General, Research Promotion Department, 2007.4-2009.6

Chief Senior Economist, Trade and Economic Cooperation Department, 2009.7-2010.3

Chief Senior Economist, Overseas Research Department, 2010.4-2010.6

Research Fellow Sent Abroad (Brighton), 2010.7-2011.6

Director-General, International Exchange and Training Department, Secretary-General, IDEAS, 2011.7 -2012.3

Director-General, Research Planning Department, 2012.4 -2014,6

Chief Senior Researcher, 2014,7- 


Main Research Achievement:

1.           “Development Aid and Anthropology』(Co-authored with Yoko Fujikake), Akashi-Shoten. 2011

2.           “Sociology of Development Aid” Sekai-Shiso-Sha, 2005

3.           “Development Aid and Social Capital” IDE Economic Cooperation series. 2002、2002, International Development Award

4.           『Yemen Monosukuri‐Culture and Society looking through things』、IDE Economic Cooperation series. 2001