Nobuhiro Aizawa

Nobuhiro Aizawa
Position: Researcher, Institute Developing Economies Japan External Trade Organization, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center
Specialty: Politics, Southeast Asian Area Studies

Role in this research group:

Research and Studies of Southeast Asian National Formation and Construction

Education and Research Experience:

B.A. in Law University of Tokyo, 2001

Ph.D in Area Studies Graduate School of Asia and Africa Area Studies, Kyoto University, 2006

Research Associate, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, 2006

Researcher, Institute of Developing Economies Japan External Trade Organization, 2007-Present

Main Research Achievement:

1.           “Thaksin – Remote Governance by Refugee Leader”, 『Ajiken World Trends』Volume.209, 2013/March, pp.9-12

2.           『Ethnic Chinese and Government – Indonesian「Chena Conflict」』、Shosekikobo Hayama, 2010.

3.           “Assimilation, Differentiation, and Depoliticization: Chinese Indonesians and the Ministry of Home Affairs in Suharto’s Indonesia”in Marleen Dielman, Julliet Koning, Peter Post (eds.) Chinese Indonesians and Regime Change, Brill Publishing , 2010