Satoru Kobori

Name Satoru Kobori                            
Title Associate Professor
Degree Ph. D.
Specialty Japanese Economic History
Theme of Research History of Energy and Resources in Modern Japan
Professional Career

Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University, March 2002

Finished Ph.D. Program, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University, March 2007

Lecturer, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya University, April 2007 – March 2011

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya University, April 2011 to date

Selected publications

“Japan’s Energy Policy during the1950’s”, in the High-Growth Era Studies ed. Rethinking of Rapid Economic Growth, Publication Committee on the Future of Distribution and Support, Kyoto, 2007.

The Energy Revolution in Japan during 1920-1960 (in Japanese), the University of Nagoya Press, Nagoya, 2010.

“Energy Supply and Use” (in Japanese), in Haruhito Takeda ed. the High-Growth Economy in Japan, Yuhikaku, Tokyo, 2011.

“Development of the Japanese Energy Saving Technology during 1920-1960: the Iron and Steel Industry”, in Economic Research Center Discussion Paper, E12-1, 2012.

“Development of Coastal Industrial Areas in Japan during 1920-1970: Focus on a Civil Engineer Masatsugu Suzuki” (in Japanese), in Notre critique: history and criticism, No.5, Kyoto, 2012.

“On Two Energy Revolutions” (in Japanese), in Socio-Economic History Society eds. Studies in Socio-Economic History, 2001-2011: Collected essays to mark the 80th anniversary of the Socio-Economic History Society, Japan, Yuhikaku, Tokyo, 2012.

“How Did the Japanese Government Justify the Dependence on the US for the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy during 1954-1955?” (in Japanese), in a Quarterly Report of Materialism Studies, No.123, Osaka, 2013.