Kouhei Wakimura

Name Kohei Wakimura
Title Professor
Degree D Econ. (Osaka City University)
Specialty Socio-Economic History of India, Global History
Theme of Research Great Economic Divide between Tropical Zone and Temperate Zone
Professional Career

Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University, March 1978

Completed the Doctor Course (Economics), Graduate School of Economics, Osaka City University, March 1988

Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University, April 1990

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University, April 1992

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University, April 1998

Selected publications

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・   Famines, Epidemics and Colonial Rule (in Japanese), Nagoya, 2002.

・   Empire and Asian Merchant Network: The Long 19th Century (in Japanese), edited with Naoto Kagotani, Kyoto, 2009.

・   ‘Cholera Pandemics and South Asia in the 19th Century: From the Perspective of Environmental History’, Problems in the History of Global Environment (in Japanese), edited by Kazunobu Ikeya, Tokyo, 2009.

・   ‘Land Scarcity in the Indian History: Did the Industrious Revolution happen? ’, The Comparative History of Land Scarcity and Industrious Revolution: The Early Modern in the Economic History (in Japanese), edited by Mario Oshima, Kyoto, 2009.

・   ‘Malaria Control, Rural Health and Urban Health: “Social Determinants of Health” from the Perspective of Socio-economic History’, Sanjoy Bhattacharya et al. (eds.), Social Determinants of Health: Assessing Theory, Policy and Practice, Hyderabad, 2010.

・   The Tropical Humanosphere in Global History (in Japanese), edited with Kaoru Sugihara, Koichi Fujita and Akio Tanabe, Kyoto, 2012. 

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