Research Plan

In this research project (C01), we will conduct a meso-level study that connects research projects aiming at micro-level empirical studies of the behavior of households, firms and individuals in the process of economic development (A01 and A02) and research projects aiming at macro historical comparisons of state-building and economic development under the overall world order (B01 and B02). Our political-economy research will clarify universal and idiosyncratic features of the contemporary emerging states by incorporating knowledge from macro historical analysis which compares the historical experiences of various countries and the long-term global and regional transformations. At the same time, an analysis of national economic development of an emerging state will gain greater persuasive power when it is complemented by the micro empirical analysis which examines how households and firms behave under certain political opportunities and constraints. Our research project occupies the middle ground between the micro and macro projects in terms of both scope and time and can contribute to creating a new academic field which aims at a comprehensive anatomy of emerging states.

In this research project, each project member will conduct a detailed analysis of his/her target country focusing on the aforementioned two research topics. During the duration of the project, field research will be conducted to closely observe the political process by which economic and social issues are being resolved under increasingly democratic environment. In addition to the individual research, several workshops will be held where the members share information and insights to achieve the common goal of clarifying the dynamics of the emerging states through profound comparisons. The results of the research will be shared with broader audiences through symposiums as well as publications.