Yuri Sato





Educational Background:

1981 B.A., Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University

1989 Master of Economics, Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, University of Indonesia

2001 Doctor of Economics, Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, University of Indonesia


Academic and Professional Career:

1981       Institute of Developing Economies (IDE)

1985-1987  Overseas research fellow of IDE (Jakarta)

1996-1999      Overseas research fellow of IDE (Jakarta)

2001, 2004-2007   Member, MOF Study Group on Indonesia

2003-2004     Member, MOFA Core Team for Formulating Japan’s Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for Indonesia

2004          Member, CGI Drafting Team for Policy Recommendation to the Government of Indonesia

2007           Head, Research Team for Formulating JICA’s New Country Assistance Program for Indonesia

2007-2008     Advisor, MOFA Evaluation Committee of Japan’s CAS for Indonesia

2008-2010  Special advisor, KADIN Indonesia in Jakarta

2009           Member, KADIN Drafting Team for Policy Recommendation to the Government of Indonesia

2012-2013   Member, ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership Study Group on ASEAN Economic Community

2012-Present      Board member, Japan Indonesia Association Director, Area Studies Center of IDE

2012-2014    Director-General, Area Studies Center

2013-Present      Board member ,Institute for International Studies and Training

2014-2015   Chief Senior Researcher, Area Studies Center

2015 - present   Director, Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS)

2015-present   Executive Vice President, IDE

2015 - present   Member, METI Industrial Structure Council, Subcommittee on Unfair Trade Policies and Measures

2016 - present   Member, Editorial Board, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES)



Field of Specialization: Indonesian Studies, Studies on Economy, Industry and Business


Role in the Project: Indonesian Studies(Economics)



Main Publications:

“Linkage Formation by Small Firms : The Case of a Rural Cluster in Indonesia”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, 36(1): 137-166, 2000.

Minshuka jidai no indoneshia [Democratizing Indonesia], ed. by Sato, IDE, 2002.

”Corporate Governance in Indonesia: A Study on Governance of Business Groups”, in Y.Shimomura ed. The Role of Governance in Asia, Singapore: ISEAS, 88-136, 2004.

“The Decline of Conglomerates in Post-Soeharto Indonesia: The Case of Salim Group”, Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 1(1): 19-43, 2004.

Indoneshia no keizai saihen – kozo, seido, akuta [Reorganizing Indonesian Economy—Structure, Institutions and Actors], ed. by Sato, IDE, 2004.

“Special Issue: Experiments in Institutional Reform in the Post-Crisis Indonesian Economy: Lessons and Challenges for the New Government”, The Developing Economies, 43(1): 3-16, 2005.

“Bank Restructuring and Financial Institution Reform in Indonesia”, The Developing Economies, 43(1): 91-120, 2005.

Azia no nirinsha sangyo [Asia’s Motorcycle Industry], ed. by Sato and Ohara, IDE, 2006.

“Indoneshia no kigyo sekuta saihen [Reorganization of the Corporate Sector in Indonesia], Azia Kenkyu, .54(2): 48-69, 2008.

“Indoneshia no tekkogyo” [Indonesia’s Steel Industry], in H. Sato ed. Azia shokoku no tekkogyo [The Steel Industry in Asia], Institute of Developing Economies (IDE), 203-249, 2008.

“Indoneshia sekiyu sangyo ni okeru sangyo tochi sisutemu no henyo” [Transformation of the Industrial Governance System in Indonesian Oil Industry], in Y. Sakaguchi, ed., Tojokoku sekiyu sangyo no seiji keizai bunseki [The Political-Economic Analysis of the Oil Industry in Developing Countries ] , Iwanami Shoten, 81-109, 2010.

Keizai taikoku Indonesia— 21 seiki no seicho joken [Indonesia as an Economic Giant: Conditions for Growth in the 21th Century], Chuko Shinsho, 2011.(The 24th Grand Prix Asia Pacific Awards from the Asian Affairs Research Council, and the 16th Okita Memorial Prize for International Development Research from the Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (FASID))

“Local Firm’s Capability Development in Captive Value Chains: Evidence from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry,” in M.Kawakami and T.J.Sturgeon, eds., The Dynamics of Local Learning in Global Value
, Palgrave MacMillan, 100-135, 2011.