Motoko Kawano





Educational Background:

2009      Ph.D. (Area Studies), Kyoto University


Academic and Professional Career:

2009      Post-Doctoral Fellow, GRIPS

2012      Research Associate, GRIPS

2015      Assistant Professor, GRIPS


Field of Specialization: Southeast Asian Studies


Role in the Project: Comparative Studies of Resource-based industry in Southeast Asia


Main Publications:

“Upgrading Malaysia’s Rubber Manufacturing: Trajectories and Challenges”, In Southeast Asia beyond Crises and Traps: Economic Growth and Upgrading, edited by Khoo Bee Teik, K. Tsunekawa, and M. Kawano, London and Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 193-224, 2017.

“Achievements and Limitations in the transformation of the rubber industry of Malaysia”, GRIPS Emerging States Project Workshop Discussion Paper, pp1-27, 2015.

“Local Government in Multiethnic Societies: Stable Administration under predominant-party system In Malaysia”. In Southeast Asia: Local Autonomy and Politics in Transition edited by Tsuruyo Funatsu and Fumio Nagai. Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization, pp.231-264, 2012 (in Japanese).


“Success and Limitations of Bumiputra Policy: Economic Development and Politics in Malaysia”. In States and Economic Developments edited by Keijiro Otsuka and Takashi Shiraishi, Toyo Keizai Inc, pp.123-151, 2010 (in Japanese).