The 1st ESP (Emerging State Project) General Meeting(April 15)

The 1st General Meeting of ESP will be held as follows:

Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Time: from 15:30-17:00pm

Place: GRIPS Campus Meeting Room 3C (3rd floor)


1. Invitation for “ESP Workshop on State & Development in Emerging Countries”(May 29-30, 2015)

2. Request for corporation about the interim review

3. Seminar including presentation

Speaker: Prof. Jonna P.Estudillo  (GRIPS)

Title: “Comparative Advantage in Rice Production: Vietnam and Myammar”


While both Vietnam and Myanmar have revealed comparative advantage in rice production, in recent years, yields in Vietnam are higher because of better irrigation system, higher adoption of improved seeds, and greater application of fertilizer.  Myanmar has maintained its comparative advantage with a modest increment in rice yield emanating from expanded adoption of MVs, but its advantage seems to have eroded between 1996 and 2012 because of higher costs of fuel and labour. Sensitivity analyses show that Myanmar’s comparative advantage is sensitive to labour cost indicating the need for further modernisation and intensification as Myanmar could face an increasing scarcity of labour.

Language: English

You can download the paper from here: