ESP (Emerging States Project) Economic History Seminar (4-2)

ESP (Emerging States Project) Economic History Seminar (4-2)

Date:  November 17, 2016 (Thursday)

Time: 16:00~17:30

Venue: GRIPS, Research Meeting Room 4A (4th floor)


Language:  English

Speaker: Professor Peter Solar (Vesalius College, Brussels)

Title: The Triumph of Cotton in the West

Abstract: The relative price of raw cotton in Europe, after increasing during the eighteenth century, fell drastically between the 1790s and 1830s, mainly due to the rising productivity of cultivation, ginning and packing in the American South.  Europe’s traditional cotton suppliers, the West Indies and the Ottoman Empire, were driven from the market.  Cheaper raw materials helped cotton to dominate Europe’s textile industries and to supplant linens and woollens in European consumption.  These changes had little direct effect on Asian consumption, where cotton had long been the cheaper textile fibre.