ESP (Emerging States Project) Economic History Seminar (3-4)

Workshop on Chinese, Asian and Global Trade History in the Long Nineteenth Century


Wednesday, 28th October 2015, 16:00~18:30

Research Meeting Room 4B, 4th floor, GRIPS (GRIPS 4階 研究会室4B)



Kaoru Sugihara (GRIPS)

“Asia in the Growth of World Trade in the Long Nineteenth Century: New Information on Indian Trade Statistics, 1834-1868”


Tomoko Shiroyama (University of Tokyo)

“Huangpu Conservancy 1907-1910: Political Economy of Shanghai as an Open Port”


Yoshinori Kigoshi (Nagoya University)

“Quantification and Visualization of Hong Kong Trade: Towards a Comprehensive Use of English Newspapers and Maritime Customs Statistics in the late Qing China”


Hiroaki Morota (GRIPS)

“Chinese Currency Circulation and Credit Order in the Interwar Period”


17:20-17:30 coffee



Discussion initiated by R. Bin Wong (UCLA)

Chaired by Kaoru Sugihara