ESP Special Seminar organized by ESP Shiraishi group (2/24/2016)

ESP Special Seminar organized by ESP Shiraishi group (2/24/2016)

Date: Feb. 24

Start: 17:00 PM

Venue: 4A, 4F GRIPS

Speaker: Dr. Marilen Danguilan

Title: A Converge of Influences:  The Passing of the Reproductive Health Bill

The Philippine Congress passed the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill in 2012 despite massive opposition from politically powerful Catholic Church. Dr. Danguilan will talk about the RH bill and how it became a law. She will focus on the role of the President; the different groups — with various interests — outside of Congress that coalesced to form a strong lobby; and one single group, composed of members of Congress with an extremely astute and active secretariat that linked Congress and the NGOs and other groups.

Language: English



Marilen J. Danguilan, medical doctor, led the Technical Working Group of the Senate Committee on Health that brought about the Generics Law, Magna Carta of Public Health Workers, The Rooming-in and Breastfeeding Act, and The National Health Insurance Act of the Philippines. Marilen went on to work with the WHO Western Pacific Region, UNICEF New York, and is now Senior Policy Adviser of the UN World Food Programme in the Philippines. She completed her studies at the University of the Philippines; graduated from the De La Salle Medical School; did her postgraduate studies in public policy at the London School of Economics and Harvard Kennedy School of Government; and was a Takemi Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health. She wrote two books: Making Choices in Good Faith: A Challenge to the Catholic Church’s Teachings on Sexuality and Contraception that won the National Book Award in 1993; and Women in Brackets: A Chronicle of Vatican Power and Control in 1997, finalist in the National Book Award in 1998.