The 12th ESP General Meeting Notice(9/30)

The 12th ESP General Meeting

Date:  September, 30, 2015

Time:  15:00 – 17:00

Place:  GRIPS 4F Research Meeting Room 4A

Presentation Title: Moving Out of Poverty:  An Inquiry Into the Inclusive Growth in Asia

Presentors: Jonna P. Estudillo, Professor(GRIPS) and Keijiro Otsuka Senior Professor(GRIPS)


The authors will present the major findings of their new book published by Routledge and out in the market in September 2015.  Here is the summary of the volume.

The words of US President John F. Kennedy, “the rising tide lifts all boats,”

mean inclusive growth in contemporary Asia, where the poor are able to participate

in and benefit from economic growth. Moving Out of Poverty explores

three channels through which economic growth confers gains to the poor and

improves the status of women. The first channel is creation of productive

employment, as labor is typically the most abundant asset of the poor. Economic

growth has created jobs in labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture, the informal

service sector, construction, transport, and low-skilled manufacturing. The second

is investment in schooling which, coupled with the emergence of opportunities

to earn income, has elevated women’s status in society. The third is

increased availability of improved infrastructure, which has a direct impact on

increasing household income from wage work and self-employment activities.

This book will be of great value to development economists, students and

researchers interested in rural economies in Asia, and policymakers engaged in poverty reduction.