The 13th ESP General Meeting Notice(11/25)

The 13th General Meeting of EMERGING STATE PROJECT(ESP)

Date: November 25th (Wednesday), 2015
Time: 16:00 – 18:00.
Venue: GRIPS research meeting room 4A
Language:  English

Speaker: Tomoya Matsumoto (Assistant Professor, GRIPS)

Title: Emerging Africa: Challenges and Hopes


I will present the major findings of two of my Ugandan studies which were recently accepted for publication by World Development. One of the studies focuses on the issue on land conflict which is one of the most serious emerging challenges in many of the African countries. Due to the high population pressure, land has been scarce at very rapid pace and increased the risk of conflicts. The study found the link of an internal migration pattern with the incidence of land related conflicts, and also examined their influence on farming. The other paper shows one of the hopes for poverty reduction and economic development in rural Africa through a new mobile financial technology,i.e., mobile money. Mobile money has been rapidly disseminated very recently in Uganda and realizing financial inclusion for the rural poor.