8th ESP Young Scholar's Workshop (1/26/2016)

The 8th ESP Young Scholar’s Workshop

Date:      January 26th, Tuesday, 2016 (changed from Jan. 27)

Time:     12:30 – 14:00

Venue:    GRIPS 4th floor, 4A (changed from 4B)


Presenter:  Takeshi Aida (JSPS Research Follow PD)


Title:  Altruism or Exchange?

Experimental Evidence on the Motives behind Private Transfers in Sri Lanka



This study develops a new approach to the classical question whether private transfers are motivated by altruism or exchange. By combining artefactual field experiment and standard household survey data, we can directly measure the degree of altruism and trust (i.e., exchange) and analyze their impact on the co-movement of consumption. We find that higher altruism toward lower income partners and their income difference reduce the difference in consumption, which supports the altruism hypothesis of a motive of private transfers.


Language:  English