Development Monthly Seminar (4/16)

Speaker: Yasuyuki Sawada

Title: “Election, Implementation, and Social Capital in School-Based Management:

Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment of COGES Project in Burkina Faso”


In this paper, we investigate the role of School Management Committees

(COGES) in Burkina Faso in facilitating voluntary contributions to public goods among community members and teachers.  We adopt a hybrid evaluation method of a randomized controlled trial combined with a large-scale artefactual field experiment on public goods with monetary rewards by which we can approach unexplored issues on sustainability of voluntary provision of local public goods closely and identify the mechanisms at least partially. We find that the COGES project increased social capital significantly especially linking social capital in which people can be connected vertically: with the treatment of the COGES project, the average amount of people’s voluntary contributions to public goods increased by 8.0%-10.2%, which can be explained by implementation of the COGES project; and for the groups composing of a school principal and a teacher, and parents, the average contribution increased by 12.7%-24.1% through a mere democratic election of school management committee members and by 11%-17.2% through implementation of the COGES project.  Hence, community management projects seem to improve local cost recovery, potentially leading to better fiscal sustainability of community-driven projects.  Moreover, these results based on our hybrid experiments are largely in line with real-world decisions observed in the schools under our investigations.  As a byproduct, our findings are supportive of models of other-regarding preferences.


Time & Date: 18:00 to 19:30 on April 16 (Thursday)


Discussant: TBA

Place: GRIPS, 5L (Lecture room L, 5th floor)