Tokyo Network Workshop(1)

Date:       September 17th-18th, 2013

Venue:    Ito International Center, the University of Tokyo


In the workshop, top researchers in network science in and outside Japan were invited and made the following 9 presentations on methodologies and applications in network analysis.

Speakers and discussants:

Aya Suzuki, University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor
Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester, Lecturer
Eric Weese, Yale University, Assistant Professor
Garry Robins, University of Melbourne, Professor
Hideaki Aoyama, Kyoto University, Professor
Hiroshi Iyetomi, Niigata University, Professor
Johan Koskinen, University of Manchester, Lecturer
Martin Everett, University of Manchester, Professor
Masaru Yarime,University of Tokyo, Associate Professor
Orjan Bodin, Stockholm University, Associate Professor
Petr Matous, University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor
Rakhyun Kim, Australian National University, UNU-IAS, PhD Fellow
Riki Honda, University of Tokyo, Professor
Wataru Souma, Nihon University, Associate Professor
Yasuyuki Todo, University of Tokyo, Professor
Yoshi Fujiwara, Universityof Hyogo, Kobe, Professor
Yukiko Saito, RIETI, Fellow