Economic History Seminar (8)

The “Long Nineteenth Century” in the History of Southeast Asian Trade (in collaboration with the International Program of Collaborative Research, CSEAS, Kyoto University IV-6: The ‘Long Nineteenth Century’ in Southeast Asian History and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Project (B): Environmental Foundations of Postwar Asian Economic Development)


1 pm to 5 pm, 15th March 2014

Tonan-tei, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Inamori Foundation Memorial Building, Kyoto University


Kaoru Sugihara (GRIPS,) “Introduction”

Tomotaka Kawamura (University of Tokyo), “Outcomes and Prospects of Research Project ‘Trading Networks and the Role of the Entrepôt in Southeast Asian History’: Some Comments on Special Focus ‘Reconstructing Intra-Southeast Asian Trade, c.1780-1870’”

Kaoru Sugihara (GRIPS), “The ‘Long Nineteenth Century’ in the History of World Trade: With reference to the Proportional Importance of Regional Trade”

Takeshi Nishimura (Kansai University), “Activities of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation in Early Twentieth Century Singapore (tentative)”

Hajime Kose (Ryukoku University), “Regional Economic Zones in Modern China”

Ryoichi Hisasue (Institute of Developing Economies), “Prospects of Writing Four Hundred Years of Asian Economic History: Early Modern, Modern, Contemporary and Future”


General discussion


Language:  Japanese