Economic History Seminar (6)

“Labour-intensive Industrialization in Asia” (in collaboration with Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Project (B) on the Study of the Environmental Foundations of Postwar Asian Economic Development)


1.30 pm to 4.30 pm, 24th December 2013

Research meeting room, 4th Floor, GRIPS


Roundtable on Gareth Austin and Kaoru Sugihara eds., Labour-Intensive Industrialization in Global History (Routledge, 2013)


(1) Kaoru Sugihara (GRIPS), “Introduction”.

(2) Kohei Wakimura (Osaka City University), “On Tirthankar Roy, ‘Labour-intensity and Industrialization in Colonial India’ and Gareth Austin, ‘Labour Intensity and Manufacturing in West Africa’”

Response by Tirthankar Roy (London School of Economics and the University of Tokyo)

(3) Yuri Sato (Institute of Developing Economies), “On Pierre Van der Eng, ‘Government Response of Labour-intensive Industrialization’”

Response by Pierre Van der Eng (Australian National University)

(4) Linda Grove (Sophia University), “Kenneth Pomeranz, ‘Labour-intensive Industrialization in the Rural Yangzi Delta: Late imperial Patterns and their Modern Fates’”

General discussion


Language: English